The aim of the chair is to carry out training, cultural and research activities in the field of Conversational Marketing.

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Are online courses free?

The Chair’s online training courses are, in general, free of charge, and are carried out thanks to donations from sponsoring companies.

Are certificates issued for the courses taken?

Yes, the Chair can automatically publish a certificate for the course taken on the student’s LinkedIn profile.

Is there a job bank?

There is a page where all types of requests are published with all the data received from the organizations at this link.

Are face-to-face courses free?

The “on-site” trainings can be free or with some cost of attendance, to contribute to the cost of preparation or execution.

Are there scholarships to study?

It is possible to apply for a scholarship from the Chair itself for the value of the training, which will be studied on a case-by-case basis.