Conversational Business Chair

by Sanuker

The goal of our Chair is to promote the ecosystem of stakeholders necessary for the ethical and global development of conversational business.

2021/22 Goals:




According to Markets Insider, the chatbots market will reach a huge scale of $9.4bil by 2024, up from $2.6bil in 2019, generating a compound annual growth rate of 29.7% during that period. This is a new and hot topic in the market and all entrepreneurs want to introduce chatbots in their business in order to make money and increase revenue.

At the Chair, we need thousands of people from all countries and languages to bring professional knowledge, experience and humanity to the bot conversations, and to dare to approach our world – this was Sanuker’s vision when they created the Chair.

Hundreds of professionals work selflessly to grow an ethical and global ecosystem, from which to improve people’s lives.

Students, professionals, companies, public organizations, legislators… are all welcome.

Do you want to join us?

Jesus Soret

Jesús Soret
Chair Director

How do you want to participate?

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I’m a student

Get an internship, learn how to develop bots, become our ambassador, and more.

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I’m a professional

Educate yourself, certify your knowledge, share your content, participate in projects, and more.

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I’m an organization

Get training, propose projects, get interns, share knowledge, and more.

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Use the content and certifications with your students or collaborate with us and become a certified trainer; participate in global research projects.

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I want to be a Volunteer

We need committed people to help us spread conversational knowledge. If you think you can add value to the world, don’t hesitate to become one of our volunteers.

You will be able to collaborate on our projects and help others.

Internship opportunities

Our goal is to bring technology closer to companies around the world with the help of students from the University of Valencia, or other education centres with whom we have established a collaboration agreement.

Conversational business internships can be within the areas of engineering development, big data, marketing, linguistics, education, etc.

Undergraduate internships, bachelor’s degree projects, master’s degree projects, etc. are published here and documented so that they can be reused in the years to come by future students.

Latest publications

Inauguration of the Conversational Business Chair

Inauguration of the Conversational Business Chair

On November 12, 2021, the inauguration of the Conversational Business Chair was held at the School of Engineering of the University of Valencia facilities. Despite the attendance limit imposed by the COVID pandemic situation, we were honored by the presence of the...

Use of Facebook and Instagram Chatbots in Human Resources

Use of Facebook and Instagram Chatbots in Human Resources

Use of Facebook and Instagram Chatbots in Human ResourcesThe war for the best talent is on and HR departments need to make use of any tool available in the real or virtual world. With this objective in mind, to attract junior and senior professionals interested in...

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