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Spread your knowledge


Learn about conversational business and chatbots

Get trained in the creation of chatbots on WhatsApp, Instagram, Fb Messenger, Telegram, Web, etc.

Learn about a Blue Ocean business from the best.

Learn the steps for creating a chatbot, how to evaluate a customer’s need, how to understand the economic profitability of the project, and even how to set out on your own. Work in a sector with high demand over the next 10 years, which allows remote work, with customers from all over the world.


Certify your knowledge

Get certified for your knowledge of the chatbot industry on the WhatsApp, Instagram, FB Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, etc., channels.

In the conversational business chair, we will publish, if you wish on LinkedIn your certification, as well as become part of a job board accessible by recruiters and interested companies.

Internships for university graduates

There are countries, like Spain, where it is possible to establish an internship for graduates, in the form of a company scholarship.

It is a very interesting option to open doors in the sector you want to explore, and to find a company you like. Contact our team of volunteers to request information and create your own professional career.


Curricular or extracurricular internships

Complete your internship at a chair-friendly organisation.

Use your internship to gain experience in the world of chatbots and put down roots in a company, country or language where you would like to grow professionally. If your school is not associated with our conversational business chair, help us find a teacher interested in establishing a collaboration agreement (free of charge) and get an internship that will be your professional starting point.

Collaborate as a volunteer

The Conversational Business Chair organizes online and face-to-face events all over the world and, to make them a success, it needs people who can participate in all kinds of tasks.

Use your volunteering with us to connect with people from other countries, other cultures and other professional experiences. All help is welcome.


Spread your knowledge

Create your own courses on chatbot creation applied to specific industries, and get exposure through our training platform.

Find possible parties interested in your knowledge, and become an authority in your niche. Courses, Webinars, face-to-face events, etc.; from the Chair, we put everything at your disposal.


Are online courses free?

The Chair’s online training courses are generally free of charge and are made possible thanks to donations from corporate sponsors.

Are certificates issued for the courses taken?

Yes, the Chair can automatically publish a certificate for the course taken on the student’s LinkedIn profile.

Are there employment opportunities?

You will find a page where all types of applications are published with all the data received from organisations at this link.

Are face-to-face courses free?

“On-site” courses may be free of charge or may involve an attendance fee, in order to contribute to preparation or implementation costs.

Are there any scholarships for studying?

It is possible to apply for a grant from the Chair itself for the value of the course, which will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.