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The “Sanuker Chair of conversational software, bots and applications” was officially created on the 21/05/2021 with the signature of the Collaboration Agreement between “Sanuker Europe and Latin America SL”, a subsidiary of the Valencian company WOZTELL Sanuker S.L. and the Universitat de València. With the purpose of cooperating for the achievement of common objectives in the formative, scientific, technological and cultural fields.

Known as Conversational Business Chair – University of Valencia” or “CBC-UV”, in Spanish “Cátedra de Negocio Conversacional”, its operational management began in September 2021 with the objective of promoting the ecosystem of stakeholders necessary for the ethical and global development of the conversational business.

Conversational Business Chair - Universitat de València


To be a bridge between:

  • university-public administration-companies-society;
  • artificial intelligence-automation-human race;
  • the conversational citizens of the world.


To contribute to the ethic and global development of the conversational business, transferring knowledge to the society and promoting interest in professionalizing and humanizing the automation of communications.


  • Proactivity
  • Ethics and Transparency
  • Social commitment
  • Sustainability
  • Solidarity

Transformation Drivers

To inspire

To encourage interest in a project

The “inspiration towards the conversational world” is to encourage a sudden stimulation in a person, and that favours creativity, the search for solutions to a problem, the conception of ideas that allow to undertake a project, etc.

To educate

Conversational digital transformation in the driving force of the project

“Digital conversational education” is to transfer to a person/society the ability to perform different tasks in digital conversational environments in a safe, efficient and satisfactory way.

To train

Conversational capitalization of the participating companies

“Training in conversational aspects” refers to the process of generation and development of specialized cognitive and socio-affective abilities that cause differences in specialization of the citizens, which produce growth in financial, human, technological, organizational and relational capital.

To solve

Measure the impact that each conversational solution has on its environment

A “conversational solution” is the set of work performed to solve a problem or frustration, satisfy a need or take advantage of an opportunity, covering the phases of enunciation, analysis, project, documentation and maintenance.

To research

Artificial intelligence research

To investigate is to analyze, find out or inquire because we do not know something and we need to provide some kind of solution to it. The solution we seek is to apply artificial intelligence (AI) intelligently, without dehumanizing conversations.

Collaborating and sponsoring entities

Universitat de València

Founded in 1499, it is one of the oldest universities in Spain. Its mission is to train competent professionals in Europe and to promote prestigious research with international impact that contributes to the development of our society. The training and research also promote the tasks it performs in the field of dissemination of science and culture and in the reaffirmation of the democratic values of society in general, and of Valencian society in particular.

The Institutional and Corporate Chairs of the Universitat de València were created in 1993 as instruments to channel the longer-term collaborations of the University with entities, institutions, companies, organizations and, where appropriate, even individuals. By definition, the University’s Chairs allow for stable and wide-ranging academic collaboration that covers one or more areas of knowledge and extends its activities to all areas of university activity: teaching, research, innovation and the dissemination of science, technology and culture*.


Sanuker, founded in 2015, is a company that designs the messaging experience that organizations need through chatbots. It is a company with a global focus, world-renowned customers across the globe and a multinational team. It is headquartered in Hong Kong and has branches in Mexico and Spain.

Sanuker is a Business Solution Provider of the multinational META, which has published as a success story several of its developments in the last 5 years. One of this success stories is “FallasBot” a gift to the city where it decided to open its European headquarters, and did so in collaboration with the “Chair of Conversational Business of the University of Valencia”, which it created in 2021.

WOZTELL, of Valencian origin, is a company that has created a conversational platform to manage messaging between companies and individuals. With clients all over the world and a multicultural staff, it is a company that transcends borders. It is headquartered in Valencia and has branches in Mexico and Hong Kong.

In 2022, Woztell and Sanuker decided to merge the best of both companies into one: WOZTELL-Sanuker, choosing Valencia as the main headquarters, in order to boost the ecosystem of stakeholders necessary for the ethical and global development of conversational business. As part of its corporate social responsibility, the company WOZTELL-Sanuker sponsors the CBC-UV.

Human Talent

Joint Follow-up Commission

Dolores Real

Dra. Dolores Real

Vice-Rector for Innovation and Transfer

Jesús Soret Medel

Dr. Jesús Soret Medel

Academic Director

José Pérez

José Pérez

Strategy Director

Pau Vélaz

Pau Vélaz

Chief Operating Officer

Work Team


Burton Chau

General Manager of Sanuker

Luis Martín

Luís Martín

Conversational IA R&D Manager

Rafael Lostado

Dr. Rafael Lostado

Director of Institutional Relations

Dra. Dariya Kanseitova

Executive Director

Elena Bellido


Carla Rivas

Carla Rivas

Project Manager


Fallasbot Meta

Recognition diploma

The CBC-UV received a recognition diploma for helping to promote employability of the students of the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication of the Universitat de València.
Fallasbot Meta

Publicación como caso de éxito

FallasBot was published as a success story in META. This publication can be accessed from the following link: https://developers.facebook.com/success-stories/visit-valencia-foundation