Following the signing of the agreement that led to the creation of the Business Conversational Chair last May, we will begin the work of spreading knowledge in the second half of 2021.

Our goal is to train the first 1,000 people during this six-month period, for which we have defined different workshops both online and in person.

The first challenge we face is the general lack of knowledge about the possibilities of chatbots applied to our daily lives and the tendency of technologists to build from previous knowledge.


Workshop goal

The vision of the conversational business chair is, among other aspects, that the world of chatbots is a great new job opportunity for retraining professionals and providing new skills to people who so far have not worked in ICTs.

Therefore, the first workshop aims to train in a methodology for creating chatbots where, using two columns in an EXCEL sheet, it is really easy to create a chatbot like the one you can see on this website:

Chatbot Winemrket

The workshop, is offered free of charge to organizations, regardless of their location, that are dedicated to helping the local or sectorial business fabric.

The online workshops can be carried out from the platform of the conversational business chair itself and the face-to-face workshops are conditioned to the possibility of moving a specialist to the place of delivery.

The talk will be given by the Conversational Business Chair’s own staff or certified volunteers, and can be offered in English, traditional or simplified Chinese, or Spanish, or another language that can be agreed with our events team.

The duration of the workshop is two hours, and after finishing it, there is an hour of mentoring and doubt resolution that can be used by the participants.

How do I request a workshop?

The workshop should be requested by email to projects (@), providing as much of the following information as possible.

Once the request is received, it will be processed by the conversational business chair’s team and a meeting will be scheduled to resolve any doubts.

The workshops are carried out in collaboration with organizations and companies collaborating with the Conversational Business Chair, for which it is necessary to sign a collaboration agreement, free of charge, “chair-organization” according to the model that can be consulted HERE.

Required information to be provided by the applicant

Type of workshop
-Estimated Number
-Maximum/Minimum Number of attendees (for face-to-face)
-Type of attendees
-Objectives of the attendees
Resources provided
-Means available from the organization
-Event promotion
-Registration process
Experience in similar events
Contact person





Send us an email with the information detailed above to request your workshop.

You can copy the points directly into the email to send it to us ;).