During the month of December, the focus of the Conversational Business Chair has been on the activation of new projects with a social orientation in the context of Covid-19, due to the upturn of the 6th wave. Thus, we have actively participated in the WhatsApp project for governments of the world in order to improve communication with the population in COVID management processes. In the framework of this project we have been able to initiate the project with the Ministry of Health of Peru and GVA Salut, among others.

We have also been able to have an approach with the City Council of Valencia, Valencia Activa and Visit Valencia, where we wanted to know better the lines of work and challenges they have in order to contribute and find common ground and help them from our experience and knowledge in technologies and social vision. It has also served us to present the Chair and to let them know about our objectives and projects that are being developed.

We end the year with 22 MOUs signed with companies and associations that have wanted to collaborate with the Chair. We have NGOs, Foundations, Law Firms, Engineering, Chatbots, Technology, Marketing, Education, Business Associations and many more that have joined our initiative. We have a few projects underway with our partners on this list and we will develop even more next year.

We foresee in the coming year a strong wave of events and powerful projects of the Chair and that is why we are in full recruitment campaign for volunteers with a professional and vital experience. In addition, we continue our ongoing commitment to transmit conversational knowledge to society, and for this reason we have made available to those who need it several options for collaboration with us.

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So, if you are a Student, we invite you to learn about the business of a blue ocean of the best in this market. You can also learn the steps to create a chatbot, how to evaluate a customer’s need, how to understand the economic profitability of the project, and even how to set up on your own and work in a sector with high demand in the next 10 years, which allows remote work and with customers from all over the world. As a Professional you can train and obtain an official Certificate from the Conversational Business Chair of the University of Valencia in the creation of chatbots in WhatsApp, Instagram, FB Messenger, Telegram, Web, etc.

If you are an Organization we help you to get internship students related to the world of conversational chatbots, create your own courses or train your team to create chatbots. If you are in the Education environment you can use our content and certifications with your students, create your courses and even become a certified trainer. As you can see, there are many possibilities, find the one that interests you the most on our website.

The Conversational Business Chair team would like to wish you a very pleasant and successful FELIZ NAVIDAD y PRÓSPERO AÑO NUEVO! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 聖誕快樂和新年快樂!