The highlight of this month was undoubtedly the Conversational Business Chair’s Presentation Event. We are happy that after months of work and illusion, the moment of our ” launching” has finally arrived. The event was held at the ETSE-UV of the University of Valencia, where we were honored to have the presence of representatives of the University Administration, the Faculties and Schools of the University of Valencia and other business Chairs, as well as teachers and representatives of student organizations.

The Director of the Chair, Dr. Jesús Soret, kicked off the event by presenting the Chair and explaining why it is so important, especially now that we are living through the 4th Industrial Revolution.

The next speaker was José Pérez, Strategic Director of the Chair, who shared his interesting vision of the future of the conversational business, its potential and its impact on society.

After this, Roy Hui, founder of the company Sanuker, the patron of the Chair, who came from Hong Kong to attend the event, gave his speech. He shared with us the history of his company and talked about Corporate Social Responsibility and his desire to help educational institutions to get closer to knowledge and state-of-the-art technology.

The presentation ended with the intervention of the Executive Director of the Conversational Business Chair, Dr. Dariya Kanseitova, sharing the challenges of the Chair and its work plan for the near future. The Chair also offers different modes of collaboration for students, professionals, organizations and educational institutions.

It was an exciting day full of congratulations and good wishes, which motivated us even more to continue our work.

Parallel to the preparations for the Inauguration, meetings were held at the University of Valencia, at the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication, at the Faculty of Psychology and Speech Therapy and at the Faculty of Law, where the Conversational Business Chair was very well accepted. Thus, in the Faculty of Philology we learned more about the existing specializations and the professional opportunities for its students. Given that in the new industry of the conversational business there is a very important niche of conversation creators, we shared our vision about new professions that need philological, journalistic and dialectical knowledge and that there is a great shortage of these professionals today and with the growth of this industry there will be a great demand for them. It has been very shocking and interesting to learn about the problems they are working on in the Faculty of Psychology: for example, we have learned about the use of chats in different social networks to promote bulimia or suicide among young people and even teenagers, among others. In the Faculty of Law we have agreed to work with UV LegalTech Lab, and we are in the process of creating a book on legal aspects of the use of chatbots together with professors from the Faculty. We are developing proposals for collaboration in various lines of work with UV Faculties.

We would like to have more people committed to help us spread conversational knowledge. If you think you can bring us value, or you want to learn more about this world, don’t hesitate to become one of our volunteers. You will be able to collaborate in our projects, gain knowledge, experience and also help others, and be part of projects with an honest purpose to contribute to society.

An example of a volunteer is our colleague Elena Bellido, who left the business world and realized that she was very obsolete in today’s technology and did not know the conversational world. After a few months of volunteering with us, she has recycled herself in technology and languages and now her insertion into the job market will surely be much easier. In this post you can read her full story.

If you are also thinking of collaborating with us, please contact us here.