With the arrival of October, came the change of temperature and the return to “normality” in the Spanish economic landscape. During this month, Dr. Dariya Kanseitova has been busy with the Conversational Business Chair, talking to the Academic Management and the Strategic Management and focusing the work team on the objectives to be pursued.

Launch of phase I of the Conversational Business Chair

Let’s review what has happened in the different areas of the Conversational Business Chair during the month of October. The PMV of the Conversational Business Chair has already been consolidated and now in this first Launching Phase the following milestones have been achieved:

Integral development of technological logistics

The ERP from the Zoho provider that we have decided to use is now fully operational. So far, the following modules have been activated by the end of October:

  • Zoho Cliq for internal communication;
  • Zoho Sheet for provisional BBDD of the Conversational Business Chair’s contacts and connection between vision and actions;
  • Zoho Mail for email interaction with the Conversational Business Chair’s stakeholders;
  • VolP switchboard with the Conversational Business Chair’s telephone number: +34 961 154 221.
  • Zoho Creator para desarrollo e integraciones a medida.
  • Zoho Meeting for video calls.
  • Zoho Desk as an omni-channel contact centre.
  • Zoho WorkDrive for online file management for the different work teams;

In the next phase we expect to introduce more tools to deal with the increasing volume of information being generated. Especially implementing a CRM is becoming necessary.

Desarrollo Web

Although it is still in a provisional domain, it is fully operational. It also has a first-generation CBC-Bot chatbot with whom you can interact to clarify some doubts about the dynamics of the Conversational Business Chair.

The Conversational Business Chair’s website aims to show the challenges, actions and results of its work. The main page explains how you can collaborate with the Conversational Business Chair by being:

  • Student
  • Professional
  • An Organisation
  • A person who wants to get involved in the Chatbot world through Training, what we call “Education”.

That is the reason why we speak of “Opportunities for”. We understand the Conversational Business Chair as a tool for the generation of opportunities that each individual will make the best possible use of.

The Conversational Business Chair is a permanent provocation for action. This is the way to understand its dynamics.

During the month of October, the focus has been on reviewing objectives and establishing new action plans, and it has been decided to postpone events for the coming months.

Internships in companies and organizations

For any student interested in training with real chatbots cases, you can find your place in the internships in companies and organizations section.

Through the website you can apply for the position and start the interview and training process to expand your job opportunities in the digital world.

If you are a company or organization, by signing an agreement with the Conversational Business Chair, you will be able to use the educational platform that will put you in contact with qualified students for internships, TFG or TFM.

Of course, the prerequisite is that the subject of the internship is related to the work of the Conversational Business Chair.

Up to October, the intership offers through the Conversational Business Chair is as follows:

Legal: 2 offers
Engineer internship ( covered ): Legal eBook on the chatbot industry in Valencia, (Spain)
Legal internship: Legal eBook on the chatbot industry in Valencia, (Spain)

Marketing: 2 offers (covered)
PPC chatbot internship in Valencia, (Spain)
Content creation and SEO on the chatbot industry in Valencia (Spain)

Technology: 1 offer (covered)
TFG proposal: Communication gateway between WhatsApp and Led Screen in Valencia (Spain).


We have a Blog where we collect the articles and opinions of the Conversational Business Chair’s collaborators. Specifically, the following articles have been published in October:

Having chatbots on IG and FB has allowed us to attend to interested parties 24 hours a day, and to respond to queries automatically. This has allowed us to greatly increase the number of candidates we have managed and our HR team has only interviewed those who are really interested and have a great chance of joining the MPOWER Master’s program.


There is also a panel with the future events programmed by the Conversational Business Chair and the option to register. There is also the possibility of accessing past events.

The events held during the month of October were:

  • The Live Workshop: How to publish a chatbot in 30′ (WhatsApp, Facebook and web). Held in Mexico City on 13 October 2021 and attended by 25 people.

The events held during the month of October were:

  • Inaugural event of the Conversational Business Chair of Conversational Business of the Universitat de València to be held on Friday 12 Nov. at 13:00 in the Board Room of the ETSE in Burjassot, Valencia, Spain. The event will also be held in English.

In addition, one of the collaborative options of the Conversational Business Chair is Volunteering. Through it, you can participate in those activities necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the Conversational Business Chair.

The website explains why you should become a volunteer and you can apply by filling in a short form. Any initiative in this respect is more than welcome.

With the website at the PMV level, the Conversational Business Chair project has taken a giant step forward. It is a website focused on creating value for each stakeholder and it is launched in 4 languages: Spanish, English, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese.

Throughout the month of October, MOUs have been signed with the following 6 companies and institutions:

  • ACICOM Associació Ciutadanía i Comunicació
  • Urbanización Alfinach SCP
  • Grupo Extraordinaria OU
  • Rigel Tecnhologies
  • Chatbot Creation Services, SL
  • Miniature SRL (Chat-Tonic)

Once the Memorandum of Understanding is signed, the next step is to outline with each partner the specific project(s) to be executed in the coming months. These projects will be formalized through the corresponding contract which will be attached as an Annex to the Memorandum.

Personal assessment

Throughout the month of October, different lines of action have been developed in depth, among which I would like to highlight the following:

  1. Visits by the Executive Director to various institutions to present the Conversational Business Chair and sound out possible projects.
  2. An additional 6 MOUs have been added. Unfortunately, Annexes derived from MOUs are not being closed. The reason for this is that priority is being given to the actions involved in the presentation of the Conversational Business Chair at the ETSE of the University of Valencia on 12th November.
  3. The increased visibility of the Conversational Business Chair is beginning to be felt, the number of followers is already 102, i.e. an increase of 40% compared to September. And in terms of contacts on Linkedln with 516, an increase of 30% in one month.
  4. The Conversational Business Chair is also starting to generate its own educational content on conversational business, as can be deduced from the publications on the blog.

In short, a productive and revisionist October that prepares the Conversational Business Chair to make a qualitative leap in the coming months.

Lessons learnt

This month, I would like to highlight two lessons learned from October 2021:


  1. The need to have a permanent Vision in your hands is essential. If you have a Vision, you can simulate scenarios and you can focus on the key elements that will lead you to the desired scenarios. Without such a vision, you can work hard and not get results.
  2. The Plan is the necessary path from Vision to Results. You can act on the Plan if the results are not as expected. If you don’t have a Plan, you don’t know where you are or where you are going.