The Chair of Conversational Business participates in the Feria Destaca of Science, Innovation and Technology


On November 16, 17 and 18, the team of the Chair of Conversational Business of the University of Valencia (CBC-UV) participated in the Feria Destaca, the event of scientific, technological and innovation transfer reference in the province and the Valencian Community, organized by the City Council of Vila-real, Generalitat Valenciana and the Chair of Ceramic Innovation of the Universitat Jaume I.

Presenting “VILA-REAL3000”

At the CBC-UV stand, the “VILA-REAL3000” project developed together with the City Council of Vila-real and Fundació Caixa Rural Vila-real, which aims to provide tools, training and support for the digital transformation of companies and public and social organizations in Vila-real, was presented to those attending the event. There, citizens were also informed about the business and employment opportunities generated by the use of conversational technologies.

Is digital transformation expensive?

On Friday, November 18, José Pérez -Strategic Director of the CBC-UV-, started the day at 9 am, sharing his vision on digital transformation (DT) in a 30-minute conference, which was the prelude to the round table moderated by him as well.

To introduce the table in which it would be discussed whether digital transformation is expensive or not, a video was played in which referents from different organizations in the Valencian Community were interviewed, such as:

  • José Benlloch, Mayor of Vila-real
  • Miguel Torró Nadal, Project Manager CRM & Digital Strategy at Villarreal CF
  • Raúl Fernández, Director of Information Technology and Communications at Hoteles Marina D’Or
  • Adoración Arnaldos, Innovation and Technology Director at GDES
  • Luis Cuni, Coordinator of New Technologies for Manantial Integra and Fundación Manantial
  • Pascual Broch, President of the Community of Irrigators of Vila-real and Alquerías
  • Sonia Sánchez Bosquet, President of the Caja Rural de Vila-real and its Foundation
  • Paco Bielsa, Coordinator of the Board of the Castellón Association Against Cancer Vila-real
    RH en Positivo, Alberto Heredia, CEO RH en Positiu
  • Jorge Almela Muñoz, Head of Communication and Marketing at Accessett,
  • Pedro Hernández, General Manager of Zschimmer & Schwarz España S.A.
  • José Manuel Plaza Sanz, Responsible for Public Administration at Telefónica
  • Valery Naranjo, Professor at UPV, Director of the Degree in Telecommunication Technologies and Services and Director of the CVBLab Computer Vision and Behaviour Analysis Research Group.
  • Medical Director – Elías Aguilella, Medical Director – Hospital Universitario de La Plana

The interviewees were asked the following questions: a) What does your organization do? b) What is your relationship with digital transformation? c) What costs have you incurred in this DTprocess? d) What results has DT brought? and e) Is DT expensive for you?

After sharing with those present the answers of the interviewees, the moderator invited Samuel Falomir -Mayor of Alcora-, Araceli de Moya -Mayor of Oropesa del Mar-, Víctor Rodríguez Heredia -CEO of Pinchaaquí-, Enrique Planelles -General Manager of Orbel Grupo- and Miguel Torró Nadal -Project Manager CRM & Digital Strategy at Villarreal CF-; to come on stage and take their seats as members of the round table entitled: Is digital transformation expensive?

Until 11 am, these 5 people were answering the questions of the Strategic Director of the CBC-UV regarding their experience with DT, how the organization they represent manages it, what are the challenges and challenges around it, how the people who make up the teams adapt to the changes that DT brings, success stories and failures, among other issues, opinions and experiences.

Globalis Awards

After other conferences, the day ended with the reception of the first Globalis Foundation award for WOZTELL-Sanuker S.L., sponsor company of the Chair of Conversational Business, and the words of the organizing authorities of another successful edition of Feria Destaca.