Vila-real’s Mission 2030

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On October 8, we headed to Vila-Real with the mission of reaching an agreement that would result in a neutral city. A goal that was more than clear at the end of the event: to reduce by 55% the CO2 emissions of the population of Vila-real by 2030.

This mission is part of the pilot project “Missions 2030” of Las Naves de Valencia, and is the result of several months of training and participation.

The project is the result of several months of training and participation of Vila-real as a City of Science and Innovation.

The meeting

The event took place at the Biblioteca Universitaria del Conocimiento (BUC), where we had the opportunity to listen to the reflections of Eduardo Pérez Arribas, Councilor for Innovation:

This objective has not been chosen at random, but is based on all the work that the City Council of Vila-real is doing to move towards a sustainable city.

In addition to remembering that:

It will not be possible to achieve the challenge of a neutral Vila-real and with less emissions without the involvement of society and strategic groups that can help us in this mission.

Then it was the turn of José Pérez, Director of Strategy of our Chair of Conversational Business. Based on the words of the Councilman, he indicated that the way to transform our society lies in this framework:

  • Propose ideas
  • Create projects
  • Mobilize to achieve it

And not only that, he also commented on the importance of having a clear vision of what we want to achieve. In this way, we can plan how to do it and who we need, and the necessary resources will come from the public administration, an NGO or private companies.

Citizen participation

It was not only interesting to have citizen collaboration, it is also essential to take into account their opinions to adapt solutions and measures to the realities of individuals.

The high participation and the variety of attendees, such as neighbors, journalists, teachers, entrepreneurs and students speaks of the commitment to undertake a conversational path that unites institutions and inhabitants.


After the coffee break, we had the opportunity to fill in a form about the project that brought us to that meeting. So, in our case, we wrote “Conversational Citizen/Vila-real3000” clearly as the title of the project.

All the submitted forms were collected on a whiteboard and later will be evaluated by Las Naves de Valencia and by the Consejería de Innovación.


Finally, Perez Arribas took the floor again and summarized his conclusions in order to close the meeting. He thanked the participants and invited them to participate in future meetings.