Agreement between our patron Sanuker and Meta

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You may not know it, but Sanuker, our patron, is a Business Solution Provider (BSP) of WhatsApp and a Business Partner of Meta. 

José Pérez, Strategic Director of our Conversational Business Chair at the University of Valencia (CBC-UV), traveled to Singapore for the annual “Meta Partners Summit” event from which he returned with great news.

An agreement with Meta!

After the event, José Pérez returned to Valencia with a new challenge for the Chair of Conversational Business team: An agreement with Meta, in which the multinational will support the implementation of WhatsApp in high potential projects.

As part of the agreement, Meta is committed to give a bonus of up to US$ 200,000 to apply in one or more of the following projects:

  1. Configuration and implementation of WhatsApp Cloud API.
  2. WhatsApp integration with the company’s technological stock, e.g. CRM, sales/marketing operations.
  3. Development of chatbots and automations.
  4. Implementation of a live chat solution.
  5. Tailor-made projects, as long as their fundamental basis is the use of WhatsApp.

A great opportunity to develop any conversational project and promote the use of these technologies.


Like all agreements, this one contains some conditions. Let’s see what they are:

  • Only projects that are verified by December 15, 2022 will be eligible.
  • Any projects chosen must be completed within 90 days for META to approve the agreement.
  • Applicant companies must commit must commit to consuming a minimum of 5 times the requested ROI cost in the form of WhatsApp conversations.

What does “the cost of WhatsApp conversations” mean?

To begin with, let’s call the cost of WhatsApp conversational windows (24h) for a year in any organization the consumed value.

The costs per conversation (24h window) vary depending on who initiates the conversation. In the case of Spain it is:

I) US$0.0738 if the conversation is initiated by the company.
II) US$0.0443 if the conversation is initiated by the user.

Now let’s consider the contribution granted by WhatsApp to the organization, which is equivalent to 20% of the consumed value:

III) Minimum = US$30,000 (value consumed = US$150,000)
IV) Maximum = US$200,000 (value consumed = US$1,000,000)

Let’s look at two examples to understand it better

1) If you want to apply for the maximum ($200,000) to implement a custom solution and chatbot, you will need to commit to consuming $1,000,000 in WhatsApp conversations.

This means that you will have to initiate 13,550,135 conversations (1,000,000 / 0.0738 = 13,550,135).

2) On the other hand, if you want to apply for the minimum (US$30,000), for example to integrate WhatsApp with the CRM, you must commit to consuming US$150,000 in WhatsApp conversations.

In this case you will have to initiate 2,032,520 conversations (150,000 / 0.0738 = 2,032,520).


Now, together with Conversational Citizen, we have the task of publicizing this interesting proposal from Meta so that organizations can start using WhatsApp Cloud API and take advantage of all its benefits.

This is the opportunity for companies to apply to Meta and use this opportunity to revolutionize their communications with WhatsApp.