FallasBot, published as a success story of the multinational company META

Fallasbot Meta


FallasBot was born in 2020 thanks to the collaboration of the Valencian company WOZTELL and the Hong Kong company, Sanuker.

It is an ambitious virtual assistant that showed the events of the nearly 400 fallas throughout the week of festivities, all through a WhatsApp number, in 8 languages and free of charge. The chatbot aspired to be the informative guide for any kind of citizen but the 2020 fallas were one of the multitudinous events that ended up being cancelled due to the confinement due to COVID-19.

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February 2022

Arriving at 2022, the Chair of Conversational Business of the University of Valencia (CBC-UV) discovered and decided to rescue the 2020 project for the first post-pandemic fallas.

The CBC-UV team with the support of a team of 6 expats and the collaboration of the Visit Valencia Foundation, relaunched the project.

March 2022

What was a 2020 project, after surviving the COVID-19 pandemic, became a reality. The fallas virtual assistant, was made available to both residents of Valencia and the thousands of tourists who visit the city to learn about the Valencian fallas, which are part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity according to UNESCO since 2016.

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Features of the chatbot fallero

Some of the functionalities of the WhatsApp chatbot are:

  • Free assistance in 8 languages
  • List of events of each collaborating falla
  • Guided tours by the fallera mayor or the president of the falla.
  • Answers questions such as: how much does a falla cost, how much does a fallera costume cost, why are the ninots burned, how to participate in the offering, what does each ninot mean, among many others.
  • All at the reach of a WhatsApp message.
  • The bot also allows fallas to update in real time their calendar of events and schedule activities.

To learn more about fallasbot, please visit: FallasBot.

fallasbot-success story- meta

August 2022

By interacting with tourists through WhatsApp, the Visit Valencia foundation reached more people at only 1 percent of the cost, increased the number of repeat interactions by more than 40 times and tripled the number of support languages.

Some of the indicators obtained from the use of the chatbot fallero:

  • 99% cost savings per interaction on WhatsApp
  • 82% re-engagement with repeat visits on WhatsApp
  • 41x increase in customer engagement
  • 3 customer service languages enabled on WhatsApp

Finally, more than 2 million visitors can easily access the information on demand and thanks to the results achieved, the multinational META published the “FallasBot” as a success story.

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