WhatsApp Day

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On June 15, 2022, the WhatsApp Day was held in the city of Elche, specifically in the Soledad Group facilities. An event focused on the advancement of conversational innovation and learning from the best experts.

The event

The inaugural conference was conducted by Dr. Dariya Kanseitova, Executive Director of the Chair of Conversational Business at the University of Valencia (CBC-UV), the Mayor of Elche, Carlos González Serna, and the CEO of Grupo Soledad, Juan Ramón Pérez.

At the first edition of the WhatsApp Day we were honored to have experts in the area of conversational business such as Carlos Leyva, CEO of Soluciona IT; José Pérez, CEO of WOZTELL, and Salvador Silvestre, managing partner of ECIJA. All of them shared their experience and gave an introduction to the conversational world and the opportunities that WhatsApp offers to boost businesses.

In addition, we were joined by Burton Chau, CEO of Sanuker and Roy Hui, CTO of WOZTELL, who flew in from Hong Kong to talk about their experience as developers of conversational solutions for globally recognized companies.


On this occasion we would like to share with you some of the most outstanding presentations that most interested the attendees.

What is third generation WhatsApp?

The first presentation of the day came from José Pérez who was in charge of showing the differences between the three WhatsApp modalities and highlighted the benefits that WhatsApp Cloud has for businesses.

Some of the advantages of this modality such as the green check to avoid identity theft and improve the security of companies. And, of course, conversational functionalities not found in any other version such as push notifications, integrations with other applications and chatbots applications.

The speaker emphasized how WhatsApp, an application that we all use, can transform a city and commented on the Vila-real3000 project that is being carried out in the Valencian Community city.

Business case: Business growth strategies in a mature conversational market such as Asia-Pacific

One of the most interesting moments of the day was the debate with Burton Chau and Roy Hui, which had a different structure from previous presentations, as the group of participants who attended had the opportunity to talk and hear first-hand the experiences of the speakers.

With the moderation of Carlos Leyva, different corporate growth strategies used in the Asia-Pacific region and their implications were discussed. In this way, attendees learned about the potential of the global chatbot market and the opportunities in the European market.

One of the most curious conclusions was the shift to mobile as a favorite communication device and how it has affected the evolution of technology in the last 20 years.

Success cases

During the event we were also fortunate to have speakers who presented us with real success stories demonstrating the benefits of implementing WhatsApp Cloud.


Pedro Mary Mejía, CRO of WOZTELL, presented FallasBot, the chatbot developed between WOZTELL and Sanuker. This chatbot was the guide for tourists and citizens with all the information about the Festival of International Tourist Interest, the Fallas of Valencia. It allowed the location of events through the location of the cell phone and tour reservations in fallas.

All information was available 24/7 and in 9 languages, allowing attendees to discover new experiences.

The chatbot was the official fail assistant, and Meta published it on its success stories page.

Hong Kong Fire Department

Jacob Ruiz, CEO of SagitaZ, presented 10 success stories using WhatsApp Cloud and chatbots.

Among these, we would like to highlight the COVID-Bot.

A virtual assistant developed during COVID-19 that helped the Hong Kong Fire Department to manage citizens’ requests and provide them with the help they needed, all in an automated and immediate way.


This was just a brief summary, but we would like to emphasize that the WhatsApp Day was a success.

The event was attended by more than 200 people from different economic sectors and representatives of the Public Administration and different NGOs.

Everyone, both speakers and attendees, left the event with more knowledge about WhatsApp, the business opportunities it offers and the benefits for companies and cities.